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(I am not selling picks, this goes far beyond that. The winning picks just come with the Koolaid VIP service. My goal is to help, teach, and advise all VIP team members. I'm answering questions about games around the clock for them and dedicating a lot of time to this.)


VIP will be $15 Weekly, $35 Monthly, or $100 for the year, and includes the following:


-my picks for the complete 2020-2021 NBA & College B-ball season (only a very limited amount of picks will be posted to the public, if you want all of them, VIP is way to go)

-betting advisement (how much to bet on which games etc.)

-injury updates

-trend updates

-line movement updates

-picks sooner then they'll reach the page, if they even get posted to the public.

-my leans on picks throughout the day and why.

-complete insight on all basketball games. 


For those of you who don't understand this is a long term investment, don't even get involved. There will be bad weeks and there will be good weeks, but by the end of the year you'll have a lot of extra money in your pocket. There are very few honest people in this business. I just want to help everyone and get the compensation I deserve for the amount of time I put into the VIP service and picks I'll post this year, $15 Weekly, $35 Monthly, or $100 for the year, seems more than fair to me. I’m excited for whoever accepts this VIP opportunity and has a hell of a year with me. I will be taking signups all year.