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What does the J.R. Smith x Dion Waiters duo bring to the Lakers?


Dion Waiters:

-ran over a human being on their bicycle as if he was playing a joke on the person on his instagram story 

-overdosed on pot gummies

-was ruled out/suspended for a decade

J.R. Smith: 

-beat up a guy on video while in talks with the Lakers 2 months ago

-put Lance Stephenson into the dirt 

-hit Glen Rice in the balls

-elbowed Jason Terry

-shoved Aron Baynes (J.R. Smith would of sent him into another galaxy if they fought one on one)

-offered to fight Marcus Smart in a preseason game 

-sent Goran Dragic into another dimension (just like Derrick Rose did)

-threw a fans cell phone 

-hacked Raja Bell

-tried to fight Nate Robinson

-tried to keep Thabo Sefolosha’s head as a souvenir 

I’ll be the president of the United States before I finish J.R. Smith's bad boy resume. 

Based on what I can tell the Lakers got real keepers here. The Lakers are officially the coolest team in basketball and these two maniacs bring a ruthless vibe to the team. In a good way. 

We are the Lakers, we party, we punch people, and we win ball games.

Basketball wise, I think both Dion Waiters and J.R. Smith made this team the official favorite upon their signings. Dion Waiters especially can do a lot. It's just about which Dion Waiters shows up, the slumped Dion who was up all night cooking pot brownies and watching Friday or the Dion who can create his own shot, finish at the rim, and elevate this team. Dion Waiters is an inconsistent shooter but when he's on he's on and you need a guy like that in the second unit. The guy is straight fearless when it comes to shooting a basketball. I've seen a few of his shots skim the arena ceiling before. Players will have to step up tremendously when Lebron comes out of the game. Waiters is capable of handling the point when it's needed and hopefully he sees this as a serious opportunity to bounce back in this league. I'm expecting him to go all out on both ends of the floor. He's looked good in these scrimmage games but in the end what do we know, the guys been ruled out since I was like 12. I'm just gonna assume he's dropping 40 a game in the playoffs and will be a hall of famer by the time the bubble is over. 

J.R. Smith is a much bigger question mark than Dion Waiters considering his age and time off from basketball. We're all fully aware he's still capable of street fighting and polishing a bottle of Smirnoff for dinner, but can he play basketball at a high level, which the Lakers are gonna need him to do. I'm not gonna get too into the other contenders right now, but if the Lakers are gonna beat the Clippers for example, who are 3 deep at every position, J.R. and other guys will need to show out and have hero games. They need him to play exceptional defense and put his insane streaky shooting on display. J.R. Smith looks pretty much like the same guy we saw in 2017/2018 based off his scrimmage performances, but it comes down to him being able to do this in playoff basketball. In the playoffs the game will be slowed down and teams will be getting back on defense. This is anyones year, teams know this and are going to seize the moment. Getting hot in a scrimmage game means nothing. J.R. has the playoff experience and I'm assuming he'll be a huge reason the Lakers win this year.

I think both these players are bat shit crazy and win a championship with the Lakers.