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(Vintage) Zion VS The Joker

Denver Nuggets @ New Orleans Pelicans (Preview)

When I see this game all I think of is this matchup. 

Zion Williamson vs The Joker

Two guys who could finish a 24 rack of Pepsi in 3 minutes. Two guys who are going to wobble around that court like maniacs tonight. Basketball wise I have absolutely no thoughts on this game but I will definitely be tuning in. 

Anyone betting this game has zero insight on it and just have a gambling problem, which is ok and us Koolaid Bloggers support that. Who knows how many minutes Zion will play and who knows how many he actually wants to play… he probably has a 30 rack of Busch light in his fridge waiting for him when he gets home. 

Also if anyone was wondering, yes, I am still stuck on the story that came out awhile back on Nikola Joker drinking 2 liters of Coca-Cola a day. There’s no chance you’re not the craziest person in the state you live in displaying that type of behavior.