• Koolaid


Matchup: San Antonio Spurs @ New Orleans Pelicans 

Date: 1/22/20

Pick: Spurs +4

Amount: 400


To start, I hope Demar Derozan dunks on Zion and sends him into another dimension.

If you’re a die hard NBA fan and you have Pelicans spread tonight, I think you need to seek help from a professional. 

Pelicans fans have the green light to bet Pelicans Moneyline tonight . If you guys wanna have fun, rally for your OVERHYPED star player debuting, great, cool, I support that. 

If you’re not a Pelicans fan and you got them -3.5, us NBA league pass owners/NBA followers would prefer you stop watching basketball as a whole and get into a new sport like Lacrosse. 

  1. Alvin Gentry is in for it with this whole Zion return. It’s gonna take a little time to put him at the right position, figure out the best starting lineup, proper rotation etc. 

  2. Brandon Ingram can shoot, but he doesn’t rely on shooting because his game offers a lot more than that. When Brandon Ingram sees a 6 foot 7 inch tall and 9 foot wide player clogging the lane tonight, he’s gonna head to the locker room and request a trade or he’s gonna settle for shitty shots.

  3. Coach Pop has coached the greatest PF of all time (Tim Duncan) and isn’t a stranger to defending a low post/mid range presence. He’s known how to take advantage of defenses with Timmy D, he’ll know how to prevent/slow Zion down. 

  4. Zion isn’t on a minutes restriction but I don’t see him playing more than 20-25 minutes his first game. The Spurs are a better coached team and will want to show out in this OVERHYPED rookies debut.

  5. Kawhi Single handedly killed the Spurs. San Antonio is no longer a desirable location and the Spurs will never be a contender for the next 5,000 years. These are the little things coach Pop has left on his way out of the NBA. A game like this too put a rookie in his place. 

Spurs +3.5, lock nation, let’s rock.