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(VINTAGE) Utah Jazz @ Denver Nuggets Preview

Utah Jazz @ Denver Nuggets (Preview)

Date: 1/30/20

Time: 9:30PM Central

Current Line:

Utah Jazz +1

Denver Nuggets -1


Jamal Murray RULED OUT

Mason Plumlee INACTIVE

Paul Milsap RULED OUT

Jazz are fully loaded and healthy.

This is a really unattractive game and match up overall. 

The Jazz are playing their 4th game in 6 days, which an easy assumption is that the team is tired.

To start I think guard play is gonna be a huge factor here. The nuggets don't have any above average guards out there tonight. Will Barton and Garry Harris won't cut it. I will tell you right now if you ever see Will Barton starting at point guard you should highly consider betting your car, house, or something along those lines on the opposing team. Jamal Murray being out is still a huge loss even though he's incredibly overpaid and overrated. He is the most average basketball player i've ever seen, but that doesn’t mean he’s not the 2nd most important piece on the Nuggets Roster at the moment. 

The Utah Jazz have Donovan Mitchell and Joe Ingles and are ready to get shit going tonight along with Mike Conley coming off the bench. Donovan Mitchell is a good player and that's really about it. People thought his rookie year that maybe the Jazz got a Kawhi Leonard type steal in the draft but clearly that's not the case. I also wouldn't expect anything less than a 50 point explosion from Bojan Bogdanovic. That guy is an absolute lunatic.

I also would like to point out Nick Fridell who has random appearances on “The Jump” said earlier this year the Utah Jazz are his pick to go to the finals. Nick my guy! Unblock me on twitter please so I can tell you for the 50th time you know nothing about basketball and you are the definition of a clown. 

The Nuggets have the best player on the court this game. He goes by the name of “Joker”, he is extremely good at basketball and eating. The Joker is a top 10 player in the NBA you want to build a team around. The guy can do it all, despite his rough start to the season, but he's back, and he's gasping for air on that court more than ever. I’m looking forward to that Rudy Gobert and Joker matchup tonight. There's only 3 possible outcomes. Rudy Gobert wins the matchup, The Joker wins the matchup, or The Joker just swallows him whole at some point during the game and calls it a week.

The Utah Jazz have done the best possible job when building a team and you're located in legit Utah. Sadly, even though they are deep and have nice pieces they lack a premiere star or stars, and without that you're virtually useless in this league. So good luck to the Utah Jazz franchise and congrats on everything they've done.