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(VINTAGE) Milwaukee Bucks @ Indiana Pacers Pick & Preview

Matchup: Milwaukee Bucks @ Indiana Pacers 

Date: 2/12/20

Pick: Pacers ML (-120)

Amount: 200


Giannis OUT

Kyle Korver OUT

George Hill OUT

Pacers = fully loaded.

Tonight the Pacers bounce back. They have lost 6 straight and this is something I expected. 

  1. Victor Oladipo when healthy is a fantastic basketball player. This man deserves to struggle. The injury he suffered was horrific and it's gonna take time for him to really get it going.

  2. You can't just add a guy like Oladipo in the rotation and expect the team to start winning. A high basketball IQ isn’t needed to understand what's going on. It's an adjustment period.

  3. Malcolm Borgdon before getting beat up a little and missing a fair amount of games, looked like he was having a breakout year. Malcolm Brogdon is a straight up baller….The thing that will have to be worked out is the primary ball handling. Brogdon has been initiating the offense and running point all year and with Oladipo back they have to coexist which they will.

  4. I think this 6 game losing streak is what the Pacers needed to whip this team back into shape. They got a respectable coach, Nate McMillan. I think he's ready to wheel a win home tonight before all star break, he knows what to expect in this game and has a plan as if this is the playoffs. Make a statement tonight and let everybody know you aren't a group of clowns over there in Indiana. 

I am expecting a GAME from Malcolm against his old team, who literally let him walk I might add. I truly think if they kept Brogdon and had him in place of Eric Bledsoe, that would be the championship X-factor.

The Pacers are due. Victor Oladipo is due for a good game.