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(VINTAGE) Miami Heat @ OKC Thunder

Matchup: Miami Heat @ Oklahoma City Thunder

Date: 1/17/20

Pick: Heat -1

Amount: 400

Analysis: If I ever saw Dion Waiters step onto a basketball court I’d go into an absolute heavy state of shock and get rushed to the hospital. This guy has been ruled out and high since I was 13 years old. 

Undocumented, but I called the Raptors beating the Thunder the other day. The Thunder had their little run all December and into January. Its coming to an end though. As of right now Chris Paul is pretty much stuck in OKC. I’d say the only player that gets moved before the trade deadline is Gallinari. This run was fueled by people who needed to put up numbers and get the flying f*** out of Oklahoma. 

Were talking about a guy (Danilo Gallinari) who was inactive 15 minutes before the game vs the Rockets and decided he’s playing whether he’s hurt, sick, whatever. He knew there's no way he's missing out on a game to run up stats increasing his trade value. 

Everyone was watching the NFL playoffs this past weekend and probably didn't notice the Lakers second unit smoked the Thunder out of the arena. You know when Jared Dudley gets 9 minutes of playing time there must be minimum 15 people ruled out. 

Tonight the Miami Heat beat the Thunder simply because the Heat are a great team. 

I'm looking for Jimmy Butler to be more aggressive this game offensively than he was on Wednesday vs the Spurs. I want to see a take over in the 4th quarter. 

HUGE HIT: Steven Adams is RULED OUT

-he is so important to the Thunders offense and style of basketball they play, I don't see any possible scenario where the Thunder win this game. 

Bam Adebayo, if you dont drop a minimum of 15 points with Steven Adams out, you deserve to be shipped to the Blazers with Hassan Whiteside.