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(VINTAGE) Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings

Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings (PREVIEW)

Date: 2/20/20

Time: 9:00PM Central

Current Line:

Grizzlies -1.5

Kings +1.5


It's actually worth laughing at the 95% of people who are hammering Grizzlies ML. If I called my friend who hasn’t won a bet in 5 whole years, he'd say he has Grizzlies tonight. Actually, to all my followers, I’ll give my friend a call. Once I hear he has Grizzlies, I'll add to this tweet and give everyone the go on betting Kings. I’m talking cars and houses being bet on Kings if this kid has Grizzlies.

The Kings have had random sneaky/good wins this year. When the Kings feel like playing, they play.

This Ja Morant vs DeAaron Fox match-up is gonna be fun to watch. I think DeAaron Fox will out play him. Don't forget he has a couple of years under his belt and Ja Morant is still a rookie. A rookie that's really good at basketball.

I can sense it all the way here from Chicago that Buddy Hield is coming off the bench tonight and dropping 30 like nothing, especially after that 3 point contest. Luke Walton, congrats on deciding your 106 million dollar sharpshooter is coming off the bench from now on. That's a very smart decision and I think it'll really pan out in the long run.

The Grizzlies are a hype team because of Ja Morant and the trash talking. Don't get me wrong I like them and they've been money makers all year, but they get exposed on and off. This is a super young team and that type of stuff is gonna happen.

Jonas Valanciunas my goodness. He is the only reason I'd second guess betting Kings tonight. Bet against him he’ll go for 30pts, 35reb, and 29 assists. Jonas Valanciunas will have you wondering why you didn't just light your money on fire after you bet against him.