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(VINTAGE) LA Lakers @ Milwaukee Bucks Pick & Preview

Matchup: Los Angeles Lakers @ Milwaukee Bucks 

Date: 12/19/19

Pick: Bucks -3.5

Amount: 500

Analysis: Giannis antenfjdhidbejdb and the Bucks tonight are making a statement. 

A statement that means absolutely nothing. 

Giannis and the Bucks are nothing but regular season heroes. Anyone who watches basketball knows come playoff time and the game slows down, he’ll be nowhere to be found. 

It’s not even smart for Lebron to go crazy in games like this considering he’s 35 years of age and his journey through the west this year is gonna be brutal. 

Bucks shoot great tonight like they always do and just play all around better basketball than the Lakers. 

Anthony Davis playing injured tonight is real smart in a regular season game that means nothing. It’s also very smart for him to play injured when he’s injured in some sort of way every single year he’s ever played in the NBA. Great call by Frank Vogel! Great call by the Lakers!

Eric Bledsoe being out this game just screams Bucks spread. That guy stinks