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(VINTAGE) Houston Rockets @ LA Lakers PREVIEW

Houston Rockets @ Los Angeles Lakers (PREVIEW)

Date: 2/6/20

Current Line: 

Rockets +6.5

Lakers -6.5


The Houston Rockets really are the funniest built team ever. 

I shit you not these guys are showing up to a primetime game at staples center tonight with no center.

By the way, REVENGE GAME alert.

Both teams are fully loaded and I have no idea what to expect on the court.

To state the obvious, who on earth is guarding Anthony Davis. That just makes me laugh. PJ Tucker? Robert Covington? I think Anthony Davis could show up 35 miller lites deep and still drop 30 tonight.

There is nothing to analyze about the Houston Rockets anymore. It's either they are showing up and winning by hitting 30 3 pointers or they are losing by 50 every game.

If you get the ball passed to you on the Houston Rockets and you don't hoist a 3 point shot, you're getting benched.

Russell Westbrook is the X factor here tonight. Although James Harden is due for another crazy game, Russell Westbrook is gonna give it his all as usual and I could see him attacking the rim a lot. It's either that or he's throwing up 5,000 mid range bricks and missing wide open layups.

Shoutout PJ Tucker this guy is 50 years old and has to play the 5 tonight at the height of 6 foot 5 inches. 

The Rockets are shooting lights out from 3 all game tonight and possibly winning, or losing by 5,000.