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(VINTAGE) Detroit Pistons @ Cleveland Cavaliers Pick & Preview

Matchup: Detroit Pistons @ Cleveland Cavaliers

Date: 1/7/20

Pick: Cavs +3.5

Amount: 550


The Detroit Pistons were never really alive but they are officially dead after the Blake Griffin injury announced this week.

I can’t imagine how down that team is. It’s already bad enough those players have to wake up everyday knowing they’re on the Detroit Pistons, but now the best player went down and they’re well known big man is being shopped because he’s nothing short of useless as a basketball player.

People who know nothing about the NBA looked at this line and said Kevin Love is bringing that team down, “Pistons are a lock”. News flash rookies, Kevin Love has been praying his ass off for months he gets traded. Now that absolutely everyone knows he's throwing tantrums like a 5 year old boy he has no choice but to show out every chance he gets. 

Why not do it against this disgusting Pistons team who’s beat up and has a bunch of nobodies on the court tonight.

Derrick Rose is my father. I never bet against him but the reason he never had a shot at winning 6 man of the year was because he's inconsistent and my god let me tell you it is not his fault. That guy has got to wake up with some sort of pain in his body every single day. The guy is not dropping 50 tonight for the Detroit Pistons.