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(VINTAGE) Denver Nuggets @ OKC Thunder Pick

Matchup: Denver Nuggets +2 @ Oklahoma City Thunder -2

Date: 2/21/20

Pick: OKC -2

Amount: $500


It’s raining money Oklahoma City Thunder. This is a hammer play. 

Basketball wise there really is not much to get into here. I think the Thunder will play better basketball tonight. 

I love this temporary team the Thunder organization has put together, basically to sell seats. This team is fun and they play decent looking basketball. 

I absolutely do not trust the Denver Nuggets on the road against this ruthless Thunder team who have nothing to lose. Yes, I overuse “nothing to lose”, but you have to keep that in mind when you're risking money on an NBA basketball game. The Nuggets are considered a title contender with slight pressure (personally I think they have zero chance in the history of mankind). On the other hand the Thunder are having so much fun out there this season and just straight ballin. 

Quick shoutout to Chris Paul. What an inspiring and great season he is having. The Houston Rockets made the blockbuster trade and Chris Paul was labeled as straight washed. Here he is on the Oklahoma City Thunder having a great season straight rallying his ass off with the team he’s got, night in and night out. 

Expect Chris Paul to do Chris Paul things tonight.

How I feel about betting against The Joker:

I have an absolute knot in my stomach about it. He is hands down my favorite and funniest player in the NBA at the moment. It is what it is. If he finds a way to beat the Thunder tonight and lose me money i'll go live on twitter and chug a liter of Coca Cola in his honor.

In the end I like the Thunder taking the Nuggets out at home tonight. To hell with the Nuggets on the road and to hell with Will Barton. Steven Adams is gonna whip joker around like nothing, Shai Gilgeous Alexander continues to shine, and I got Dennis Schroder coming off the bench for a 50 burger.

Lets not forget about Gallinari. This guy literally got stuck in Oklahoma City when he was already on the plane headed to Miami. He’ll probably be hoisting up 3s tonight that hit nothing but net.