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(VINTAGE) Brooklyn Nets @ Philadelphia 76ers Preview

Brooklyn Nets @ Philadelphia 76ers (PREVIEW)

Date: 2/20/20

Time: 7:00PM Central

Current Line:

Brooklyn Nets +7.5

Philadelphia 76ers -7.5


Ben Simmons GTD

Kyrie Irving Ruled OUT (obviously no one knows if he has shoulder issues, knee issues, or just bored of playing basketball this season)

If Ben Simmons sits, this is going to be one absolutely disgusting game to watch. 

  1. Ben Simmons really started to come alive going into All Star break despite his inability to shoot a basketball. 

  2. Although the 76ers are a bunch of positionless clowns running around the court, Ben Simmons is too important to this team. I haven't seen him sit in a long time, it's easy to imagine without him initiating the offense the 76ers could look like a travesty out there tonight. Kind of how they've looked all year. 

If Ben Simmons does play.

  1. I don't care if you're a professional sports better, NBA analyst or God himself, you don't know shit about who's covering the spread tonight. 

At home this 76ers team seems to make every single important shot, make the correct basketball plays, move the ball, play all world defense etc. 

Then they go on the road and Brett Brown needs to get fired and they need to blow the process up. You just don't know what you'll see from this team.

I will say this though, moving Al Horford to the bench was an incredible move. 

Side Note: I got the 76ers going to the Finals. I'm sticking with the preseason pick I made 15 beers deep this past summer. 

On to the Nets.

Wow. This team is pretty crazy looking right now. I mean this in a bad way. 

When Kyrie said they needed a piece or two more to contend 2 months ago, he was absolutely right. Expect off-season moves in hopes of putting Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in the best possible position to succeed next year. 

Go ahead Nets make the people viewing the first round series you're playing in this year throw up. Come next year you guys better be ready to play. The best player in the world will be back and I got the Nets going directly to the finals behind Kevin Durant.

Line up to Line up tonight, there's no reason the Nets can't keep up with the 76ers. This game should be close. Caris Lavert is playing better and Spencer Dinwiddle will do the most annoying things possible if you bet against him. No one is scared of these clown sixers, and the Nets have nothing to lose till next year.

In the 2021 Championship Nets we trust.