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Utah Jazz VS NO Pelicans (PREVIEW)

Rudy Gobert Projected Stat Line:  

0 pts, 0 reb, 0 ast & 15 Turnovers. 

I can’t wait to see big Zion wobble up and down the floor in the first basketball game since the hiatus. My interest to bet this game just isn't there. I'm all over the LA vs LA matchup. 

Zion Williamson is a GTD. I actually would love a clear answer why. Is he injured? Zion passed the Covid-19 precautions, so what's the issue. How is he going to develop and become the star he's destined to be if he's being treated like a piece of glass. If he is 100% healthy, which he is send him the fuck out there. If the goal isn’t to make a playoff push then what is the goal? There are clear and utter favorites to win this bubble but it's also anyones year, its a fucking pick up basketball tournament with no fans. It's also important to point out Adam Silver and the NBA literally formatted the return of the NBA like this to get Zion in the playoffs. It's what everyone wants. The Pelicans with Zion on the floor have a +10.4 net efficiency and when he's not, -3.5. Send in the big dog and not on a minutes restriction either. It's Go Time.

At some point in this game I want Zion Williamson to dunk creepy Rudy into another timezone. I don't want it, I NEED IT. 

Bojan Bogdonavic is RULED OUT. I cannot even put a sentence together that possibly explains how big that is. Bojan is a full blown curse and I try to avoid him at all costs. Without his unexplainable shooting talent in this game, I don't see The Jazz being able to win unless something very odd happened. Like who is going to step up and score for this team? Donovan Mitchell walks around like he took that next leap to being a star in this league or something. He's probably good for 20 points this game and that's generous to say considering he’ll have to deal with Jrue Holiday all game. The rest of this Jazz starting lineup is not even worth speaking on without Bojan playing. Mike Conley? Please Mr. Conley give us a random hero game that you provide once every century.

I’m leaning towards the better offense here and it's that simple. Assuming Zion plays, I'm rolling with his big ass and counting on Brandon Ingram all day. Sometimes it just goes like that, rolling with the best player on the court. I actually genuinely feel bad for Royce O’ Neale having to deal with Zion all game. Anytime Zion has the ball in his hands he is going to make Royce O’ Neale look very stupid. The Jazz will be in the locker room at half in utter shock trying to make adjustments for big Zion. 

The Pelicans are rough riders and I feel like they could really thrive in this tournament style basketball. Unless the Utah Jazz shoot 90% from 3 and the Pelicans forget how to play basketball, there's no overthinking here. If I bet on this game and lose, it'll be one of those losses you laugh at because I know I made the right pick.

Anyone who thinks they have a lock pick on this game is just drop dead hysterical. God himself couldn't tell you the final score of the first game since the hiatus, but you got my thoughts. 

I got JJ Reddick going for a 50 burger off the bench as always. 

I'm almost sure I'm not betting on this game because it's too emotional. I simply want to bet on Zion because he's fairly overweight and funny.

I'm rooting my ass off for Lonzo Ball always. If I last minute decide to bet Pelicans and Lonzo shies away from attacking the rim and settles for brick 3s, I will lose my actual mind.