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Thunder vs Rockets (Max Play & Preview)

The Rockets are in trouble. Period. 

James Harden is the best player on this team but they brought in Russell Westbrook and built a style of basketball around him. This makes him more important than James Harden.

Russell Westbrook going down makes this series almost dead even in my opinion. The Thunder play a more consistent style of basketball while the Rockets simply have the best player on the court and are without their most important piece.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are exceptionally well coached. It really worries me The Rockets who I'm rooting for, could get exposed by the Thunder having no Westbrook. The Thunder will do what they did all year. That's play hard. With Chris Paul's inspiring leadership and what he's done for this team, this series is far from a "lock".

James Harden has a lot of pressure on him. It's not even a question he's expected to win this series regardless of his second star going down. He has to get it done.

Dennis Schroder is back and he's the six man of the year. The Thunder are very happy to see him ready to go and you can expect him to be the x-factor. Schroder > Austin Rivers. Clearly

Steven Adams will also be eating people out there. The Rockets small ball can easily offset that, but there is just so much predicated on how well they shoot this series, without Russ.

OKC matches up well with the Rockets small ball.

Chris Paul. A top 5 point guard of all time, who will not win a championship. This is what you are left with my guy. You are left with a revenge series. Chrissy Paul has already shocked the world with his basketball play this year, but this is where he needs to seal the deal. If you can’t pull it off vs a James Harden contender then you got to at least have a great series and make that organization question trading you. 

Chris Paul, who sat game 7 of the Western Conference Finals, do something that'll slightly make up for that. Him sitting was a travesty. Think what you want, but over here at Koolaid Bloggers we had the Rockets going to the Finals and smoking the Cavs if Chris Paul played in that game. 

You got my lean for game 1 right now. To be clear I have Rockets in 7 because they have too much to lose and Russ will hopefully be cleared by game 4.