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Thunder @ Rockets (Lock of the Month)

This is how we bounce back people. Tuesday night wasn't pretty. Anyone who knows basketball knows what to expect when betting on or against the Rockets. If the 3s are falling, you're looking at a monster L. 

Mike D'antoni showed up to Game 1 like it was the finals and his goal was to steal an easy game. There was no chance of the Thunder winning this game from the jump. The Rockets showed up running a zone defense and had the Thunder shook from the absolute start. Then to seal the deal, the Rockets hit their 3s and were even able to get the rim at will. The Thunder got completely dismantled and Mike D’antoni simply outcoached Billy Donovan. It’s definitely unfair to say “outcoached” because who on planet earth expected the Rockets to show up and play a different form of basketball, but I'll say it anyway. A fast one was pulled on the Thunder and it was not fun to watch. The Thunder were no where to be found on offense or defense. 

The Thunder are good at basketball

The Rockets are good at basketball

Pick drops closer to game time. 

This is no joke, when we say lock of the month over here at koolaid bloggers you know we mean it. We bounce back in a very official and emphatic way.