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Thunder @ Rockets (Hammer Play) (Preview)

I got Luguentz Dort being maxed out by the Knicks in 2020 with TJ Warren for his defense and impeccable ability to make 1 of 12 3s every game. 

I’m gonna put this short and fucking sweet. Chrissy Paul is one of my favorite players ever, I refer to him as my father, but he’s mistakenly being looked at as the best player on court right now after a few heroic games. This is proven by 60% of people being on the Thunder right now. 

This is game 7 rookies and I’d literally die for this Thunder team. The amount of money they have made me this year is just beautiful. Sadly the fun is over. Game 7, I’m rolling with the best player on the court and that’s James Harden. The Rockets are in a slump and they underestimated the Thunder. With one game left you can expect James Harden to rise to the occasion. A first round bounce would be horrific for this team. Mike D’Antoni would be fired and Russ would be a top 5 cancer in NBA history. I’m also one of those firm believers he’s not a cancer. 

What I saw Russell Westbrook do on the court Monday was borderline horrific. There is no way he comes out and does something like that again. Expect him to bounce back. There’s not even a choice in the situation. Bounce back or you seriously fucking stink Russ. 

In the end Chris Paul had one goal and that was to show he can still play basketball at a high level. His goal was met and there’s no way the Rockets didn’t question the Westbrook Paul trade at the end of that game 6. The fun is over and it’s time to go home my Thunder family. The Thunder are a rebuilding team with heart. The Thunder are nothing but inspiring. Farewell to the Thunder as they leave the bubble. One more time for the good times this season. It’s raining money Oklahoma City Thunder💰

Quite frankly if I had to see the Thunder vs Lakers second round I'd throw a tantrum, but it just might be worth it if Chris Paul were to hit a game winner in James Hardens face this game as the ultimate Fuck You to the Rockets.

Im either not betting or betting 1 unit on Rockets spread closer to game-time. Im a millionaire after the Nuggets series I don't even need to gamble anymore.

You'll probably end up seeing Rockets -5.5 (Max Bet) later.