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Spurs VS 76ers (aka the funniest team ever)

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

This game is too funny. Do or die I got my crew winning by 7+. I also got Ben Simmons hitting 4 three pointers this game.

The 76ers are an absolute s*** show. Game 1 of the Shake Milton at point guard experiment, Joel Embiid and Shake Milton we're looking to square up in the bubble. I can't imagine what it's like being the coach for this team.

I have absolutely no idea how the 76ers could possibly lose this game, but you can never count these guys out. They will find a way to lose people money 99% of the time.

The 76ers spread looks NICE tonight, just like it always does. 

The Sixers are catching the Spurs on a back to back and frankly I think this is a lock win for them. I also am not in the mood to create a national hotline and support group for when the Sixers get blown out of the gym tonight and I'm in absolute shock wondering why I bet on them for the 5,000th time this year. 

My advice is to stay far away from this messed up team. I can't even rule out me not betting this game. I always seem to end up with a dollar on these guys.

76ers Projected Stat Lines:

Shake Milton: 15pts 5 reb 7ast

Josh Richardson: 12 pts 7 reb 3 ast

Tobias Harris: 15pts 6 reb 2 ast

Ben Simmons: 25pts 10 reb 7 ast

Joel Embiid: 35pts 15 reb 4 ast

Al Horford: 45pts 19 reb 23 ast