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Rudy Gobert Signs $205M Contract Extension

Do you see this picture above? That is what my eyes saw yesterday and it's easily the most hysterical thing i've ever seen in my 23 years of life on earth.

This is a disgrace not only to the NBA, but to the world. Rudy Gobert signed a $205M contract extension, which means the Jazz see him alongside Donovan Mitchell as the future. What the actual flying fuck do they see in Rudy Gobert that could possibly indicate he is what the Jazz need in terms of contending for a title in the next 5 years.

Rudy Gobert is the exact player I would trade for an air pump and or a bag of donuts. Andre Drummond got $127M and where is he now? Drummond is on the Cavs now and cashed. The guy was in the gym this off season trying to develop a 3 point shot because even he knows these outdated centers are virtually useless as the game of basketball evolves. Look at Deandre Ayton, a center/power forward, who has a midrange game, athletic, and reliable from the free throw line. That's a player worth paying.

Rudy Gobert is a useless outdated center stuck at the 5 spot. Stuck at Center till the end of time, providing rim protection and so called "all world defense" that even if I witnessed, I would refuse to believe I saw. All I remember is Daniel Thies sending him into another dimension as I lost $400 dollars. I was better off getting my friends together for a bonfire that night and throwing my $400 into the pit.

Gobert can barely hit free throws, provides no shooting, and basically just signed a $205M deal to wave his hands around like a buffoon. That's all I have to say, frankly the Utah Jazz give me anxiety just thinking about them and I wish them luck. I have the Pistons 3 peating before the Jazz even make it to the finals in the next 200 years.