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Rudy Gobert RANT

The Utah Jazz will not win a championship in the next 1,000 years. The Phoenix Suns will have a clean off 3 peat before the Jazz even get to the finals. 

Rudy Gobert is so unbelievably bad at basketball. This human being is an outdated Center in the NBA who is tall enough to block shots and appear to be good on defense. How could he not be a premiere rim protector? He's 9 feet tall and just has to wave his hands around like the baffoon he is. If I were an executive in the NBA and was building a team, I wouldn't pick this guy up if he was free. Not if he was on the actual house. Rudy Gobert has zero shooting ability, lacks aggressiveness, and seems to have no passion out there on the court. Any Jazz game ever scheduled against a team with a worse record you look at lines on the game and think, "they got Rudy Gobert at the 5". Who's guarding him? “The Jazz have a clear advantage tonight”. Rudy Gobert is the least game altering player i've ever seen in my life. Gobert is equivalent to Andre Drummond. These outdated centers are worthless as the game of basketball evolves. I'd prefer Rudy Gobert to be released. 

I will never get over until the end of time, the loss I received betting the Utah Jazz on February 26th. I witnessed Rudy Gobert get outplayed in every aspect of basketball by Daniel Theis. Daniel Theis, who is the starting center for the Boston Celtics, out played Rudy Gobert who is supposed to be the 2nd “star” on the Utah Jazz. Daniel Theis put on a clinic. Daniel Theis put on a show. If you ever see Daniel Theis’s name in the same sentence as “show” and “clinic” you know the world is ending and you should start saying your goodbyes to loved ones.