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Rockets vs Trail Blazers (Preview & Pick)

The Rockets look motivated and I like them stabbing Portland in the heart tonight hurting their playoff chances even more. (Jaren Jackson Jr, Grizzlies: is out the rest of the season). This is a must win for the Blazers.

Very similar to the Heat game today, the odds the Rockets shoot as bad as they did vs the Milwaukee Bucks is highly unlikely. James Harden should be torching these clown Blazers with 3s tonight. 

Russ VS Dame

Russell Westbrook is actually the craziest man alive. He wheeled the Rockets to a win on Sunday. The guy's heart and passion is just on another level. Russell Westbrook sees this opportunity in the bubble and is seizing it. This is anyone's year people. There's no guarantees. 

Russ is going to come out killing today. We just don't know which Russ it'll be. Will it be winning basketball Russ or trying so hard it hurts the team Russ. I know he’ll be walking into this game thinking about that Damian Lillard 3 point shot that ultimately led to a Thunder blow up. A 30 point performance isn't needed from him today to win, expect James Harden to bounce back with better shooting. 

This is exactly what the Rockets want and need. They need to head into the playoffs playing consistent winning basketball. The Rockets are hot. 

Again, I don't expect the Rockets small ball to be successful every game. It's always about counting on them to shoot the lights out or Russell Westbrook making something happen.

Nurkic has looked good thus far, expect him to showout today

As usual I got PJ Tucker dropping 75 tonight with 37 rebounds.

Scoring wise the Blazers cannot keep up unless Damian Lillard goes for 40. I've seen crazier stuff happen though. Maybe Carmelo Anthony will go for a 50 burger. Betting this game for me depends on the outcome of the Miami Heat +5. You got my lean though.