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Rockets VS Mavs (Thoughts)(Luka & JJ Barea are out to get me)

Nostradamus himself couldn't predict the outcome of this game. I say this because of the post traumatic stress the Dallas Mavericks have caused me over the years. I place one dollar against them, JJ Barrea rises from the dead and turns into a megastar leaving me in absolute shock. I have seen JJ Barea while everyone was already walking off the court, run in for a layup to blow my spread by exactly half a point. Luka Donic is his sidekick. JJ Barea is currently putting Luka through training on how to lose me money and blow spreads. Anytime I’ve bet on the Mavericks this year, Luka has his worst game. Anytime I bet against him, he’s one of the greatest players I’ve ever seen and goes for 40 12 & 10. There’s no winning with the Dallas Mavericks. I hate them. 

The Rockets are without Eric Gordon tonight, obviously they’d prefer to have him on the court he’s a key piece in the Rockets offense, but when you have a guy like James Harden who can choose how many points he wants to score it doesn't matter. My father, James Harden will simply just step up. 

This game definitely means something for the Rockets, which makes it one of the better games to bet today. With a win tonight the Rockets would be avoiding that 7th spot at all costs. The last thing they want is to have to roll up to the Clippers first round. The Clippers are horrifying. 

You know what you’ll get from Russell Westbrook tonight. Hell be going absolutely balls out all game. The man has never cheated the fans in his life. He will be giving everything he’s got in front of those virtual fans. 

Do or die I’ll count on two megastars to get a win here in this game. 

Kristaps Porzingis just hasn’t looked the same since the Knicks. Obviously he’s still trying to bounce back from that injury, but I’m not counting on his inconsistent brick self ever again till the day I die.

I have nothing else to say about this game. I'm avoiding The Mavericks at all costs. To hell with that team.

4 hours Later:

It's now 7:00PM and I'm considering putting my bank account on the Dallas Mavericks. JJ Barea Luka owe me. Go out and shoot 100% please. I want to go out with a win before I wait for playoffs.