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Rockets @ Thunder (Max Play)

We saw the Thunder team that is hard on Saturday. Good teams find ways to win. They are good, we all know there's no title opportunity. This is as far as the Thunder go, the first round. This team is not going out without a fight. There was no chance they would lose that game on Saturday. The Thunder wanted it more. This series is going to 6 or 7 games.

If Steven Adams were to not play I'd still roll with the Thunder to even the series. I'm looking to see Gallinari have a better game and relieve some pressure off Shai Gilgeous Alexander. 

When Chris Paul says he has to step up, you better believe he’ll do so. That was a rookie move for anyone who took the Rockets on Saturday. 

If this Dort Character can play a similar defensive game to the one he played on Saturday, this will be an easy win for the Thunder, straight up. Momentum has shifted their way.

I want to see the Thunder force Russell Westbrook back. I want to see it. There is tension between these teams and it's actually starting to get good now that we got a series. 

It's raining money Oklahoma City Thunder