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Rockets @ Lakers (MAX BET) (Lock of the Month)

In basketball we see it all the time. Teams play up to their competition and teams play down to their competition. The Rockets should have been out of that series with the Thunder in 6 max. It happens though and there’s nothing they can do but move on. 

This upcoming series against the Los Angeles Lakers, expect the Rockets to play up to their competition and more importantly expect Russell Westbrook and James Harden to show out. There is no way James Harden plays that bad offensively again tonight. That was just shocking to watch. 

Russ had a couple of blow bys in game 7 after his horrific performance in game 6, hit a few ok shots, but he has to simply be better starting today. Where you at Russ… you had your boy get you into Houston, now it’s time to be the reason this team makes it to the Finals, which they won’t but still. 

The Houston Rockets should make up for that Thunder series in game one here tonight. If you’re gonna go down to the Anthony Davis and LeBron James duo it’s whatever, who’s blaming you for that. It’s important they seriously compete in this series though and I think they will. 

Throughout the regular season the Rockets small ball was fairly successful against the Lakers post Clint Capela/Robert Covington Trade.

If Danny Green and Caldwell Pope can’t hit shots this team that Daryl Morey has put together can be a true recipe for taking these Lakers directly out. 

Shoutout to PJ Tucker who will find himself on Anthony Davis a million times under the rim this series.

I’m praying AD dunks PJ Tucker out of the NBA. Mess with one of my family members (Dennis Schroeder) you mess with all of us.