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Rockets @ Lakers (MAX BET)

Message to Frank Vogel: 

HOW ON EARTH. HOW ON THIS planet earth is Dion Waiters getting 5 minutes a game or none at all. Is this coach on full blown crack. Speaking of drugs yeah, Dion Waiters does them, he probably even sells them just for fun because he’s the guy and he’s crazy. How are you possibly gonna win this year sitting the exact type of player you need on the floor? The shooting is the biggest question mark with the Lakers and every shooter is inconsistent. DION Waiters is a fucking line backer and a maniac who will hoist the ball with confidence and give the Lakers instant offense. Dion Waiters can create his own shot, defend, hit 3s, hit mid range jump shots, and handle the ball when it’s needed. Dion Waiters is a crafty combo guard the Lakers need and is motivated.

I told you young people. Small ball was gonna give the Lakers issues. 

This is one of the easiest matchups to dissect and analyze. The Rockets will out score the Lakers every game unless James Harden shows up playing like that Game 7 against the Thunder. If no one steps up big from behind the three point line for the Lakers with a hero game, the Los Angeles Lakers are going to lose this series. If it’s not a hero game from someone it has to be the Lakers as a whole hitting everything.

Russell Westbrook hitting that 3 pointer in game 1 and swearing at the virtual fans and families was the greatest thing I’ve ever witnessed. Last week I was a Thunder fan packing my bags to move to Oklahoma, now I’m back on the Rockets train and I’m rooting my actual ass off for them. 

Anthony Davis needs to be better and apparently PJ Tucker is the greatest center of all time.

Basketball wise, the Lakers should win this series. They have the roster to get this done easily. It’s about players stepping up at the right time and starts with Frank Vogel. Get Dion Waiters out there.

If you guys arent gonna win at least make us laugh while watching this. Put the turn up duo out there JR x Dion, maybe even send in Jared Dudley. If I see Jared Dudley step on that court I will be in absolute tears pointing and laughing at him on my tv screen.

J.R. Smith:

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