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Regular Season Hero Title Match (Bucks @ Jazz)

Bucks +2.5 @ Jazz -2.5

Lean: Bucks +2.5

The Regular Season heroes will duke it out tonight for the title they love oh so much. The Jazz stole the regular season hero title about a month and half ago from the Bucks. It's easy to assume the Bucks are really upset about that. The Bucks built one of the greatest regular season teams ever a few years ago and it's really showed. I got Giannis and “the boys” looking to take that title back tonight.

The Jazz look oh so good this year in their cute little system that Mike Conley is “flowing” in. Mike Conley is out tonight and it's a good opportunity for the Milwaukee Creeps to strike. The Milwaukee Bucks are literally picking up champagne for after the game as we speak. Giannis is walking into this one like it's game 7 of the NBA finals and Mike Budenholzer is giving a speech as chilling as Billy Bob Thornton in Friday Night Lights.

Bojan Bogdonanvic and Joe Ingles are hands down the creepiest duo i've ever seen in my entire life watching basketball and I truly wouldn't hang out with them for 5 million dollars in a duffel bag. There is nothing I'm looking forward to more than seeing them get bounced in the 2nd round and assuming they realize that they'll never even sniff the Finals in this lifetime. I don't even think they'll get there in the history of the world to be honest with you. All that being said, if you want to do something equivalent to throwing money into a bonfire, bet against the Bojan/Joe Ingles in the regular season.

You don't have to have 30 + years covering basketball to know why Giannis is a regular season player. Giannis is a one dimensional clown and the easiest to game plan for in the history of basketball. Come playoff time i'll see the yearly Bucks team enter the 2nd round and disappear in thin air. All you'll see is Pixie Dust.

I won't go deep into my thoughts on Rudy Gobert here because I already have a pre season segment dedicated to calling him out. I think Rudy Gobert sucks.

Im considering not even watching this game in all honesty, I can't think of another team I hate more than these two. I hope both organizations close their doors by the time I wake up tomorrow morning. I got the Bucks winning this game outright.