• Koolaid

Raptors @ Celtics (MAX BET) (PREVIEW)

This is an absolute must win for the Raptors. A must win they wont get. 

The Raptors were the better regular season team and the Celtics are the better playoff team. The Raptors are up there in my regular season hero power rankings this year. They're looking at the number 2 spot behind the Bucks. 

Playoffs have started, the game has slowed down, teams are getting back on defense, and the Raptors are rattled by this. The Raptors are no shows. There is no Kawhi Leonard this year to straight wheel them to the Finals and hope shots fall after he's hobbled from all the weight he had to carry on his back.

Could the Raptors get a win here, yeah they can. Basketball is basketball, sometimes everything just goes in and one thing I wont take away from the Raptors is their heart and determination. These guys full on rallied following the loss of Kawhi. I truly had this team pulling up to the 2019-2020 season completely dismantled without him. 

Nick Nurse is the biggest try hard maniac coach I've ever seen. He's identical to that one kid in highschool gym class who is treating every sport like he's receiving a championship ring after. I wouldn't count him out for anything on this planet earth. 

I sound like a broken record, but where is the star on this Raptors team. Siakom is not a game altering player like Jayson Tatum and Kemba Walker who are STARS. Jayson Tatum might be taking the Celtics to the finals this year the way the East is looking. 

For now, you have my lean. Celtics +2 looks NICE.

-Koolaid the Millionaire