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Pelicans vs Kings (Pick & Preview)

The Pelicans vs The Kings. The game that was minutes away from starting before the NBA officially suspended the season.

Newsflash I had Kings to the crab shack and I'm NOT sticking with that pick. 

Not only was I going to win 5K cash from that game I was gonna change the world after that win. I am 100% sure the Kings we’re taking that game. 

 Today I will NOT be running that back. It is far too risky. 

That Pelicans win against the Grizzlies on Monday was weak. If it wasn't for Brandon Ingram stepping up, I saw the same old Pelicans. Unable to close out games, a lack of composure and lack of aggressiveness (Lonzo and others throwing up contested 3s instead of attacking the basket). The shot selection at the end of games for the Pelicans has just been shocking to see all year. Very tough team to have money on. 

The Pelicans should absolutely win this game but will they? It looks like they’ve been looking to get a lottery pick instead of making the playoffs.

 Stephen A Smith, my guy please quote me next time if you’re gonna use my blog content. He stole my words from opening day and I don’t appreciate it. 

“Zion Williamson is a GTD. I actually would love a clear answer why. Is he injured? Zion passed the Covid-19 precautions, so what's the issue. How is he going to develop and become the star he's destined to be if he's being treated like a piece of glass. If he is 100% healthy, which he is send him the f*** out there. If the goal isn’t to make a playoff push then what is the goal? There are clear and utter favorites to win this bubble but it's also anyones year, its a f****** pick up basketball tournament with no fans. It's also important to point out Adam Silver and the NBA literally formatted the return of the NBA like this to get Zion in the playoffs. It's what everyone wants.”- Koolaid 

The Kings with the points look ok considering the amount of let downs come from betting on the Pelicans. 

Lonzo Ball. I'm a big fan but dude my goodness. Lonzo had a much better year this season, but he's a former 2nd overall pick that doesn't seem to have any such effect on the outcome of these games in the 4th quarter. Instead he shoots them out of the game, specifically in the 4th. 

Zion is Zion. He’ll wobble around and do funny stuff, probably have a great game, but he's still on a minutes restriction and it would be everyone’s luck who bet Pelicans to see him get benched in the 4th quarter. The Pelicans have the ultimate mismatch and literally all they have to do to win this game is let Zion eat. There is no one stopping him.

The Kings don’t have enough and are frankly gross.

Literally look at this lineup. Absolutely repulsive. Even if I saw the future and Kings won I'd still bet Pelicans because I cannot have a dollar on this team.

Brandon Ingram is a star and will hopefully close this game like he did on Monday.

DFox I see you bro, straight stud, but will continue to get no attention being on the Sacramento Kings. 

If the Pelicans don’t win this game. They are repulsive and it’s already time for a blowup. 

Pick: Pelicans ML (-190)

(the spread is not worth it considering Buddy Hield might hit a 3 late to blow the spread)