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Pacers vs Heat (MAX PLAY & PREVIEW)

Jimmy Butler vs T.J. Warren in a fight, who you taking? 

I got 5 large on Jimmy Butler sending T.J. Warren into another galaxy. This game is a Max Play, if we have all the facts straight. 

Jimmy Butler better show up and ball out tonight after blowing kisses and running his mouth about T.J. Warren not being able to guard him. A thing to think about though is the amount of minutes Jimmy will be playing. This foot injury had Jimmy Sidelined for a week and if you’re the Heat there is no way you can risk messing with his foot before playoffs start next week. They will 100% be cautious despite any box office matchup people want to see tonight. Not to mention this will most likely be the first round playoff matchup. There is no rush or any reason either team should go all out tonight. 

T.J. Warren is a goof. I’m team Jimmy all day. If you played for the Bulls from 2008-2016 I’d die for you. No one on this planet earth thought T.J. Warren would breakout like this. He just closed out the Lakers with a late 3 and is just hands down the hottest player in the league right now.

T.J. Warren is so hot right now that he’s getting maxed out by the Knicks in 2022 and playing 30 games over a span of 5 years with every penny guaranteed. 

If Jimmy were to outplay Warren tonight and wheel his team to a win after all that talking back in January, sheeeeesh, but I'm not counting on it. 

For now, when I bet this game I’m looking at the T.J. Warren Jimmy Butler matchup. If T.J. Warren continues to go off I think the Pacers can easily take this game and have the edge especially with Oladipo and Brogdon playing. Jimmy Butler is also extremely due for a good game, he hasn’t looked too hot in the bubble, and the Heat have really missed him the last couple games. This is the perfect opportunity for him to bounce back.

A bet on this game requires much precaution.

We know what the Heat can bring if they really want this game later. They are too big for the Pacers and have better perimeter shooting. 

There's a tornado outside here in Illinois and that's all I have to say on this game.

Lock in. Dub Nation.