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Nuggets vs Lakers (Preview)

Caldwell Pope is out. Hallelujah, the city of Angels. I think this will make the Lakers look 10 times better out there. This guys shooting slump has been insane. He cannot make a shot. Caldwell Pope does NOTHING out there on the basketball court for the Lakers besides fair defense. Mr. Pope is one of the huge reasons I feel like hopping off the Lakers bandwagon. Always hoping the best and that he bounces back in the playoffs but Jesus Christ. 

I really like the Lakers turning it up a notch in this game and taking advantage of a beat up Nuggets team. It’s very important they get in rhythm before the playoffs start. Especially if the Blazers secure that 8 spot… The way Damian Lillard/The Blazers are looking right now, there being no fans, and this being like a pickup basketball tournament, anything can happen. 

Betting against “The Joker” is like flushing money down the toilet. The last time these teams met I watched Joker turn the ball over and completely blow the spread for me and anyone who rode Nuggets. That doesn't mean that if this game goes into overtime, he will hoist up 15 off balance fade away jump shots that hit absolutely nothing but net.

Jamal Murray is back, he's a weirdo. I could care less. 

Michael Porter Jr. is nuts and I would prefer not to have any money against him.

Also Alex Caruso, congrats on being able to make open layups, this team needs shooting. Caruso is an absolute brick from 3 and its disgusting. Appreciate his dedication though!