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Updated: Sep 19, 2020

PICK: Los Angeles Lakers -7 (MAX BET) (5U)

These Nuggets are the funniest good team I’ve ever seen. The best player on this team is a Center who no one can even put into words how he’s even good. Sometimes he’s skinny, sometimes he’s fat, sometimes he even looks like death, he’s just a bad mother fucker. Like literally look at this guy, he looks like he has and created COVID-19.

Any rational human being would have bet their life if they had no choice on the Clippers winning that series. At this point it’s officially fair to not rule this Denver Nuggets team out. Anything can happen, especially in a creepy year like 2020, where the NBA is in a legit bubble. 

The Nuggets have nothing to lose and zero expectations at this point. That makes it much easier to perform in a series like this. The fact that they've made it this far and overcome these type of odds.. You better believe this team is coming out with everything they got. The Joker is going to die on that court to win this series.

The Joker finally has an all world player to deal with (Anthony Davis). I can’t even say that he’ll have a tough time though, he’s badass. He will literally eat someone whole and do the most extraordinary, phenomenal things on the basketball court as usual. He finds ways to get the ball in the hoop. 

The Lakers are no joke right now. Everyone was waiting for players on this team to do their job all playoffs. Finally towards the middle of the series against the Rockets, everyone started doing their job. Rondo showed he worked on his 3 ball and how impactful he still is the second he steps on the basketball court (he’s questionable this game), Caldwell Pope has come alive, Danny Green is back, Markieff Morris took that open spot in the rotation by hitting perimeter shots, and Kuzma is doing exactly what’s expected of him. I wish JR wasn't washed by the way, its always fun having him on the court in the playoffs knowing he's high or drunk.

This is a tough looking spread, but I got the Pick already. I got the Pick of the Month. I’m HOT and 13-2 on Fridays this season. Rock wit me. I might even charge $5 for this Pick with my insane record on Fridays. Its worth it.

-Koolaid the Millionare