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Nuggets @ Jazz (MAX PLAY)

We're talking about a top 5 most well built team in the NBA. This team has a guy who is referred to as “The Joker”. The Joker is the craziest guy i've ever seen in my entire life. He literally took down 2 liters of coca cola a day before entering the NBA draft. I don't even think he went to college or played in some other country. I think he just entered and got drafted. If you place one dollar on him he will turn the ball over tie game with 1 minute left in the 4th and if you place one dollar against him he’ll go for 45 points in an overtime win. The special thing about this Nuggets team is the player they have. They can truly rely on The Joker to make something happen when they need him most. 

The Nuggets will show up ready to play. Jamal Murray has to be better and the Nuggets personnel as a whole know what they have to do out there tonight. Michael Porter needs to be an X-factor today like he's been all bubble. Don't forget Gary Harris and Will Barton are still out. Those are two important pieces to this team despite how fast I would speed walk away from Will Barton if I saw him signing autographs. This is a must win for the Nuggets. 

The Utah Jazz are definitely not frauds, but this team will only go as far as Rudy Gobert takes them in my opinion. When he has an all-star level game, the team looks like great. When Rudy Gobert shows up and is an unstoppable presence and requires attention, the perimeter shooting shines for this team, but you cant rely on this fucking clown to have consistent good games. You just can't. Im still of the mindset he should be traded for an air pump.  

Donovan Mitchell is great at basketball and I take back anything bad I said about him. Mitchell really knows how to turn it up a notch when playoffs start.

Pick Drops closer to game time. Try fading me like you did on the Rockets vs Thunder game you clowns, I am the most influential bettor of this generation.