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Nuggets @ Jazz (Lock of the Millennium)

This is who I'm riding with. I'm riding with the craziest human being I've ever seen in my entire 23 years on planet earth. 

The cats out of the bag, if you’ve followed Koolaid Bloggers the past year I have an issue betting on fat players. I ignore every other player on the court, the team itself, and bet on the fat guy. I got the Joker outright today. Next season I’m making a public announcement to ignore all Pelicans blogs because I have Zion Williamson every single time. 

I prefer a Chris Paul type point guard who's pure and can score when he needs to, but if Jamal Murray is gonna be this efficient of a high volume shooter… win games.. and close them.. Sheesh.

You heard it here first earlier in the week, Nuggets in 7. I actually went and placed $200 on the series to win 570. One hour later I thought, wait, I'm throwing more on my family. Im rolling out with $1200 after The Joker wins the next two games outright. 

The Denver Nuggets are the better team. A 7 game series always proves that. The Nuggets have two stars while the Jazz only have one. It was only a matter of time before that got exposed. The stars are the only players that win championships. Not saying the Nuggets will win the title this year, thats not happening. Im saying the Jazz just have zero chance without another star to go anywhere in the playoffs and are a fluke being up in this series. Temporary hot shooting has them up. I don't care about a teams system, a teams coaching, whatever. This is a star league period. Denver Nuggets in 7. Stars will rise.

If the Nuggets don’t win this game and push a game 7, I'm gonna have a meltdown. A full blown tantrum for all my fans to see and let me tell you, I have A LOT of fans.

Denver Nuggets spread is looking NICE.