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Nuggets @ Clippers (MAX BET)

This game is drop dead hysterical. 6 months ago The Joker was 5,000lbs, now he's lean and 230lbs of pure muscle rallying his team back down 3-1 against the all round best team in the NBA. Nikola Joker is the single baddest mother f*****er on the planet earth. This is literally him with a square in his mouth and one for later in the back of his ear. When he steps on the court players get nervous, they choke, and all they're left with is this image.

The Clippers are really making the Nuggets look better than they are. The Nuggets are my blood brothers, my actual family, but they have no business being in a game 7 against this team. This is more about bad Clippers than good Nuggets. 

Kawhi Leonard where you at my guy. The Terminator is about to look like the ultimate clown show if his team somehow loses whether it's his fault or not. 

I don't know how Montrezel Harrell won six man of the year, I really don't. I definitely didn't look into his stats this season but either way that award belongs to Dennis Schroder. 

Montrezel Harrell sucks and is the biggest reason the Clippers are even in this game 7. This guy literally cannot finish through any contact whatsoever. He always gets fouled, the ball rims out, and he ends up at the line bricking free throws. It’s hard to watch him play, I personally would release him and get Joakim Noah in there to go for 35 pts 19reb & 32 asts. 

I’ll be wearing my Nuggets snapback, I'll be laughing out loud and pointing at the Joker when he scores, but the Clippers are winning this game and they should even cover. 

Expect the Clippers to straight perform out there. This team is too deep, too well coached, and too good not to go out and do exactly what we all think they'll do. That is show out like the contender they are.