• Koolaid

Nuggets @ Clippers (RANT)

Whoever is in charge at the odds making headquarters need to have a psychological evaluation as soon as possible for dropping this line at 9. DO YOU SEE THAT SPREAD. The Joker is getting 9 points tonight. Absolute utter disgrace of a line. I want oddsmakers fired today.

The last time these teams met the Clippers blew them out of the gym by 60 points but so what. Am I betting this game…. probably not, but not defend my family. How would that look? 

This Denver Nuggets team is taking me to Vegas for Christ sake. 

The Denver Nuggets turned me into Koolaid the Millionaire. “Koolaid the Capper” is gone, he's a loser, he’s old news. 

I got The Joker picking up Zubac and swallowing him whole in one bite. The Joker is the baddest mother f****** I’ve ever seen in my entire 23 years of life on earth and I got him going for 55 tonight. Not 50. 55 points and 29 rebounds. 

If anything I’ll laugh at the +9 and just hammer the Nuggets ML. When you have money to blow like me you can do this kind of stuff. 

-Koolaid The Millionaire