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(VINTAGE) Milwaukee Bucks @ Philadelphia 76ers Pick & Preview

Matchup: Milwaukee Bucks @ Philadelphia 76ers

Date: 12/25/19

Pick: 76ers +3.5

Amount: 1,000

Analysis: It’s hard to say that this is a do or die game considering were only at the halfway point of the season, but im gonna say it anyways. This game is do or die for the Sixers. 

Joel Embiid is going to show up and show out today. I cannot even explain in words how ready I think Joel is for this matchup today on Christmas day primetime. 

Giannis Antetoflndfkljndvkljn has been shooting 47% from 3. This game he goes cold and gets shut down.

In no way shape or form do I think Joel Embiid is better than the Greek Freak, but I think this game just means too much for him and 76ers. Embiid will be the best player on the court aka the ultimate X factor.

The Bucks actually play gorgeous basketball. On the other hand the 76ers look like a bunch of positionless clowns. To win this game they need to shoot incredibly well, and they will do so.

Mr. Money Bags Tobias Harris who has never accomplished anything in the NBA will hopefully do what he’s there to do, and that’s to stand around and do absolutely nothing but make his 3s.

My name is Ben Simmons I used to date Kendall Jenner im so cool. My name is Ben Simmons I just signed a 170 million dollar contract to play basketball and I can’t even shoot a basketball. TO HELL with Ben Simmons. I got him hitting a 3 pointer today and the Sixers spread.