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Miami Heat vs OKC Thunder (HAMMER PLAY/MAX BET)

Keeping it short and sweet today. It's Raining Money Oklahoma City Thunder..

Newsflash, Chrissy Paul wants all the smoke with the Rockets first round.

Did the Rockets make a good decision trading him? Yes they did. They wanted to take a new approach and insert a ferocious point guard.

Should Chris Paul still be pissed off? Yes he should. That washed and toxic contract label thrown on him didn't age well. Chris Paul has looked phenomenal at the age of 35. I’m expecting him to go all out tonight. A win here would make it highly likely Houston and OKC meet up round 1. Give the people what they want.

Assuming Steven Adams plays, I will be hammering this game. Celtics +2.5 type stuff. 

These games are tough as the regular season comes to an end and you really have to have all the facts straight before putting money on them. I'm looking to see Jimmy Butler stay under 25 minutes today.

OKC spread is the play here simply because you just never know what the Heat will come up with, they’re one hell of a team. Just in case Duncan Robinson decides to shoot 10/10 in the 4th quarter I'm rolling with the +3.

The Thunder want all the smoke in the first round and I expect them to play hard, like they did all year. Money Makers, It's raining money Oklahoma City Thunder.