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Memphis Grizzlies VS Portland Trail Blazers (PREVIEW)

This is a very good game to bet, 3PM NBA basketball. Nothing better. This game SCREAMS value. 

Looking lineup to lineup, it looks like a no brainer. I don’t think there’s one person betting on the Grizzlies. I might be that one person betting on them come 2:55PM Central Time. 

Both teams have a reason to go out and give it everything they’ve got today. If the goal is to make the playoffs. It’s a must win for both parties. This is basically a playoff game. 

Tyus Jones being out is awful, he can flat out score and provide solid minutes off the bench. Without Tyus I don’t even think the Grizzlies have a bench. I'm pretty sure the Grizzlies are keeping the starting 5 out there from start to finish. 

Kyle Anderson in the starting lineup is irritating. Tyus is ruled out and this team has literally no one coming off the bench. Any game I bet on the Grizzlies this year, which was a lot of games, Kyle Anderson came off the bench initiating the offense and keeping the 2nd unit alive. I want it to fucking stay that way. Especially not having Tyus Jones tonight. Frankly this isn't the Grizzlies fault, it just shows the teams lack of depth.

Ja Morant is so cocky, I haven't decided if I hate him or love him yet.

The Blazers are fully loaded with Zach Collins and Nurkic back, you don’t just get these key pieces back and start flowing, it takes time. Either way still no excuse for the Portland Trail Blazers to lose to this Grizzlies team today. Absolutely no excuses, the Grizzlies roster is fairly horrifying. I simply believe the Blazers suck and won't look good out there.

The Grizz Kids fight this whole game, do or die I got the +3 all day. I think team basketball wins/covers the game for the kids over the Blazers backcourt trying to carry and be heroes. It's time for the Blazers to seriously start considering a blowup after this year. The Detroit Pistons will win back to back titles before the Blazers get to a finals.

Anyone with Blazers spread can actually have fun with that, putting one dollar against Jonas Valanciunas is like starting a bonfire with $100 dollar bills.