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Mavs @ Suns Pick

Mavs +1 @ Suns -1

Pick: Suns -1

This is the best game tonight. I'm expecting Devin Booker and Chris Paul to put on a show. Assuming Chris Paul plays of course. Mavs are still without Kristaps from his 13th ACL tear and I really didn't like the Seth Curry trade. Curry made their perimeter shooting an actual threat. Any losses against the Mavs I took last season, Curry took a huge part in that by shooting the lights out and sending my money down the drain.

The Suns have the funnest roster hands down. Up and coming players/stars in this league, the Jae Crowder (great VET addition) pick up, and of course Chris Paul, in the off season. Ricky Rubio….goodbye sir and good luck to you. Chris Paul is going to shape Devin Booker into something scary for the league. Not only will he shape Devin Booker, he's going to turn this whole franchise around and he's worth every penny. The Suns have a foul front office, but here they really looked out and planned for the future. Compete now and have fun for a few years and as Chris Paul ages, sit back and watch this Suns team grow and develop into something special. Make Phoenix a desirable location again.

I like the Suns continuing their hot streak from the bubble into this new season. Luka will be Luka. I just feel the Suns have a better lineup tonight and all around better roster this season.