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Lakers vs Rockets (MAX PLAY & PREVIEW)

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Lebron James: Ruled OUT

Russell Westbrook: Ruled OUT

Lakeshow with the points. Period. I won't be placing and confirming my bet until closer to game time due to GTD's, injuries, etc.

I’m looking at everyone on Rockets tonight and I think it's hysterical. These people flush money down the toilet and don’t know basketball. I'll call up my friend who hasn't won a bet in 5 years right now, he's hammering the Rockets 100%.

Has the Rockets small ball been fairly successful against the Lakers this year? Yes it has, but with Russell Westbrook out everything changes.

Russell Westbrook being out is going to have the Rockets offense shook. Without him creating shots for everyone, I don't know what the Rockets will be able to come up with besides James Harden going for 60. James Harden is in a slump. Nothing to talk shit about but he hasn’t looked so good the past fews games, it's been the Russ show. I'm looking for that slump to continue tonight. 

James Harden will have to go full point guard, something he hasn’t done awhile. 

I’ll all day rely on the Lakers to keep it close and Anthony Davis going off, which he does game after game.

Players getting more minutes tonight or minutes in general, will want to show out. JR Smith, Quinn Cook, where you at.

Dion Waiters and JR Smith aka my fathers. The dynamic party duo. I cannot wait to see JR Smith have his first breakout game as a Laker tonight. I also cannot wait to see Dion Waiters show OUT. People underestimate his skills and basketball talent because he can drink a 30 rack of Busch Light in one sitting and consume 45 pot gummies. Just because he parties his ass off doesnt mean he isn’t good at basketball.

Projected Stat Line for the party duo:

Dion Waiters: 30pts 7reb 9ast

J.R. Smith: 19pts 6reb 3ast

We are the Lakers. We punch people, we party, and we win ball games. 

Lakers in 4