• Koolaid

Lakers @ Nuggets (Lock Pick)

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Pick: Denver Nuggets +7 (MAX BET)(5U)

As far as I’m concerned the Nuggets are dead, thanks for coming out, see you guys next year. This is a fantastically built team with an insane bright future, but for now, peace.

Anthony Davis actually killed them the other day. Killed them and sent them into another dimension. The Lakers were the last team they wanted to end up playing if they were gonna get lucky this year and somehow go to the finals. It’s just a bad matchup for them and they caught the Lakers right as they started clicking. You know when Caldwell Pope is hitting shots it’s over. 

The Nuggets are fighters and I don’t think they’ll go away easily,  but it's a wrap. 

A big THANK YOU, to The Joker aka the baddest mother fucker on the planet earth. 

The memories, the moments, and the laughs he brought to me this year are unforgettable and I’m excited for many more to come. It actually got to a point where I was betting the Nuggets because the Joker was fat and funny. 

Time flies. It feels like it was yesterday the Nuggets were playing the Lakers in a regular season game and The Joker with 30 seconds left down 2 just turned the ball over for fun. He literally handed the ball to the Lakers and lost me $500 as the Lakers went on to cover -5.5.

Another huge thank you to the Joker making up for that by sealing the Jazz with a hook shot to cover the spread in Game 7. The Joker made me laugh and he also made me a millionaire.

Easy Pick. Easy Cash. If I even second guess my pick one time I’ll be simply going over to Captain Locks page and taking the opposite of whatever that bozo has.

-Koolaid The Millionaire