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Koolaid VS Captain Locks (How to make a million dollars)

If you want to have a paid off million dollar penthouse in New York or Chicago you've come to the right place. All you need to do is fade the living fuck out of "Captain Locks". You can find him via twitter. The guy literally had Pelicans Moneyline. All that's needed is some start up money. Find an investor and start hammering against all his picks.

This Captain Locks guy is the man. He’s changing the world one bet at a time. I don’t even know if it’s a guy. This might be a computer that’s spent 5,000 hours tweeting at me the last 10 months. This computer makes a new account every month with the same name “captain locks”. He makes a new Twitter when he starts losing and starts all over again. I don’t really know what he gets out of Twitter.

What we do know is he really really really likes Jack Sparrow, which is fairly creepy. 

Me and Captain Locks don’t get along. We have serious beef and I’m considering blocking him. I am better at betting on basketball than this guy. Fade him or this computer whatever species he is, at all costs. 

I apologize for putting filth on everyone’s feed last night. The truth is the truth though. The only lock till NBA playoffs is me taking captain locks mom to dinner with all the money he’s making me. 

We move forward from this box office fight and we strive for greatness. They don’t call it bounce back season for no reason.