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Jim Boylen Keeps his Job (Freddie Kitchens to the Bulls Campaign COMING SOON)

Just when we thought things were heading in the right direction, I’m thinking we’re finally a logical franchise again. I see this on my feed. 

I would not spend a night cracking cold beers and hanging out with Jim Boylen if there was a duffle bag filled with $500K for me on the table. 

Another thing I can assure is that if Jim Boylen came within 20 feet of me, I would burn 300 calories speed-walking to the Bulls security office and ask them to escort me out of the United Center and or ban me for life. 

I’m sure Boylen was getting supermax offers. I mean what team wouldn’t want a guy with an overall record of 39-84, notoriously known for pissing off the only good player on the team, and calling timeouts down 10 with 7 seconds to go. 

This franchise is absolutely delusional. The Bulls actually have a decent young core and it is going to pure shit with this clown running the show. It sure makes a lot of sense to resign a coach that every player blatantly dislikes. Go ahead and watch one of the Bulls 7 wins this year, you will not see one player giving that guy any sort of acknowledgement. I genuinely think if you tossed Freddie Kitchens out there on opening night 2021 to coach the Bulls:

  • 75% of people (including myself) wouldn’t be able to tell the difference 

  • The Bulls odds to win the game would either stay the same or go up

Do I want to pursue a Freddie Kitchens to the Bulls campaign? Yeah I fucking do. I'm looking for investors as we speak. 

There's a lot I can say right now that I'm not gonna say. I sound like Janice Soprano. It would result in the Koolaid blog and twitter getting shut down along with my brand new iPhone 11 seeing the bottom of my neighbors pool. Koolaid Bloggers is a friendly family program, so we’ll save that for December when the Bulls are 18 games out of the 8th seed and Boylen is still there. 

Freddie Kitchens. Wherever you are. The Bulls need life. Make the Bulls fun again. If we're not gonna win basketball games and try to improve, us Chicago Bulls fans at least want to laugh, and I absolutely promise you if I saw Freddie Kitchens on the sideline I’d be in tears laughing.

I just want to thank the Chicago Bulls for having Jim Boylen coach the 4th most valuable NBA team.

Written by Koolaid & T-Bone (aka Bulls fans who are about to start claiming they're not Bulls fans anymore)