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Jazz @ Nuggets (MAX PLAY)

As far as I'm concerned the Denver Nuggets should really look at this bubble run as a severe and utter disgrace, if they were to get bounced tonight. This team is down two pieces (Will Barton & Gary Harris) yet this is still unacceptable. Jamal Murray just secured a $170M bag and this team has a top 10 player in the league. If you lose in 6 or 7, it happens what are you gonna do, but to lose in 5… to the Utah Jazz. That's just borderline horrific. Jamal Murray has looked outstanding to say the least, but he clearly needs to be more of a pure point guard and get others going if the goal is to come back in this series. The 50 burger didn't win the game.

Skinny Joker, where you at bro.. he's not playing bad at all, but I'm looking for this bad mf to close the game out tonight. Its either close it through your basketball talent or close it by turning back into the fat Joker and eating the starting lineup one by one. Do what you gotta do out there to keep your team alive in the first round.

I'm calling it right now, that the Nuggets bounce back and take this series to a game 7. The Denver Nuggets are too well built with two stars. One solidified star and one player who's paid like a star. Either way behind these two, the size of this team, perimeter shooting, fair coaching, young and hard players, some vets, there is no reason they pack their bags tonight and get ready to leave the bubble. I wouldn't bet my life on Nuggets money-line but I'd hammer these points.

The Nuggets bench is clearly compromised it's the reason they are losing this series. The great teams find ways to stay alive and win. Michael Porter is SICK, but in order for the Nuggets to get back into this they need him to have a great game not average.

Side Note: Jerami Grant, wow. For the first time in a while a player had me standing up and actually raging at the TV. Confidence is key in basketball. Jerami taking a deep 3 in transition is ballsy and I respect it. Unfortunately I never want to see that again in my entire life if I have money on the Nuggets and its the towards the end of 4th quarter and your team is down. To top it off he had some dumb fouls at the end of that game.

Donovan Mitchell is toying with this team like they are actual clowns. Frankly it's disgusting and embarrassing. Donovan Mitchell is hitting every big shot as if he's able to pick and choose which ones he wants to put in. To top it off, Mitchell is carving up this Denver Nuggets defense like he's the second coming of Lebron. He is not the second fucking coming of Lebron, the Nuggets just look like they want to leave the bubble and call it a season. In the Nuggets defense, it's been really irritating to see Mitchell get call after call like he's regular season James Harden.

This bubble style of basketball was kind of a blessing for certain teams. Rockets, Celtics etc. Many thought the Nuggets were one of those teams that could make some noise and possibly get lucky late in the playoffs despite them losing the mile high home court advantage which I thought was a huge.

Quick news, Gary Harris is listed as questionable. Who knows if this is a good thing considering he's been out for so long.

I’ll count on this Denver Nuggets team to get a must win here vs the legit “Utah Jazz". If I bet I will be taking the points and points only.