• Koolaid

Jazz @ Nuggets (MAX BET) (Koolaid takes Vegas) 

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There’s not even a choice here. It’s do or die Nuggets ML. I bet 200 more on the Nuggets before game 6 started and I’m walking away with 2K plus the $1500 I’ve won betting on Nuggets the last 3 games. 

I’m going to Vegas if the Denver Nuggets win the series. I’m going all out. Covid-19 could team up with the Swine Flu and make its way back to the United States for round 2 and I’ll still be on a plane getting drunk. 

If the Denver Nuggets win I’m a millionaire and I’ll be vlogging the whole trip for my fans to see. Like I said I have 1,000s of fans. Koolaid the Capper will be in the Vegas Hall of Fame following this Nuggets game 7 victory. 

The backlash Quin Snyder is receiving for not forcing the ball out of Jamal Murray’s hands is wild. You can absolutely book that Jamal Murray will be doubled every single time he touches the ball in this game 7. This means one thing. 

The Joker, I am begging you to have the best playoff game you’ve ever had. I’m begging everyone on the Nuggets to step up. Jamal Murray being doubled is gonna result in open shooters and Nikola Joker being the extraordinary point center that he is. The guy will be looking like Rondo out there. All I need from this absolutely insane human being is to not turn the ball over in crunch time and to make the right passes at the right time. The last thing I’m worried about is his scoring, he’ll take the right shots and get his. My Vegas trip is in The Joker's hands. The best player to ever step foot on a basketball court. 

I would die for the Nuggets if they win this series. The Nuggets New Era SnapBack I’ll be wearing in Vegas is gonna be ordered faster than the speed of a light the second I see the Nuggets win this game. 

Total Bets on Nuggets:

If the Jazz win it'll be whatever, I still profited heavily from the Nuggets this series plus the two Jazz games I won, but if my trip to Vegas gets ruined Im retiring and deactivating my account.