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Heat vs Pacers (Preview)(2U Pick Coming)

Kendrick Nunn being replaced with Goran Dragic in the starting lineup is something that had to be done. FANTASTIC move by the coaching staff before playoffs. Kendrick Nunn can play, he's a rookie of the year candidate, his story is amazing, 100% a good guy with a bright future, but if the objective is to win a bubble title he cannot be the starting point guard for the Miami Heat at this point in time. He has been cold as fuck all bubble and cannot initiate an offense. Hopefully this motivates him and he really helps the Heat's 2nd unit. Slumps happen. Ask Caldwell Pope, he's the creator of slumps and losing all basketball talent/skills with the flick of a finger.

This is one of the better games today. I'm excited to see the real Jimmy Butler vs T.J. Warren matchup take place in a playoff game. Whatever happened in that gross game last week means nothing. Assuming Warren plays, it's gonna be fun to watch. It also would not shock me in the slightest bit if T.J. Warren is a no-show all series. The guys crazy bubble breakout seems like a fluke to me. I saw some most likely a faulty article saying Jimmy has requested to guard him. Im gonna go with the article being 100% true/verified, Jimmy Butler has requested to guard T.J. Warren.

The Heat should smoke the Pacers Game 1 and start the playoffs right. This team's size, perimeter shooting, depth, and coaching is too much for this goofy Pacers team. I do think this game is close though if everyones healthy. If Sabonis didn't go down I believe the Pacers would be an unfortunate matchup for the Heat round 1.

Playoff Oladipo is no joke and he's got a nice crew beside him. I think Victor Oladipo is gonna give it to the Heat this series but won't change the teams fate which is already decided. Despite him having a contract year coming up and questioning participating in the bubble, I think he’ll want to show everyone he can still straight ball in playoff basketball. How even high is Victor Oladipo's market right now? It's best he has a nice looking series.

Malcolm Brogdon is awesome, won't be a shocker if he does anything cool in this series.

Realistically the Pacers have no chance of a title and have nothing to lose and will show some fight here and there. Heat in 5 (Put Heat in 6 on my bracket, but changing it after writing this).