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Heat vs Lakers 2020 NBA Finals

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Game 1: Heat +4.5 (5U)❌

Game 2: Heat + 10 (Max Bet)(5U) PUSH

Game 3: Heat +360 (1U)💰

Heat +9.5 (2U) 💰

Game 4: Heat +7.5 (.5U) (Do or die pick)

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers on winning the Bubble Finals, I can't imagine the toll it took on players mentally to be locked up in Disney World for months. I hate to be that guy, but Lebron James is not losing. Whether this was a bubble finals or a real finals, there is and was no chance he loses.

It's extremely important to appreciate the Heat culture and what they did throughout the bubble. They showed they were the best coached team and the most disciplined team. The Miami Heat put on a show for us basketball fans. Great defense night in and night out for the most part and put on a shooting clinic. Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro are absolutely insane. Many said this team reminds them of the Warriors and they truly do. Their movement off the ball is very similar and they stay calm like Warriors, no matter what the score is heading into the 4th. They know what they bring to the table when it comes to perimeter shooting. When you have the type of shooting the Heat and Warriors have, you get back into games with a flick of a finger. 

Anthony Davis is gonna have an insane series, no surprise there. The Lakers shooting has looked good throughout the playoffs. I wouldn't be shocked at all if the Lakers give the Heat zero life.

Here it comes. I'm a broken record.

The stars are the only players that win championships. This is a star league. I don't care about your system, coaching, team basketball, whatever. If you don't have that guy to take you to the promised land and over the top your chances are extremely low. It would be a miracle if the Heat found a way to win this series. Any voice in sports that says they have the Miami Heat winning, are lying. If the Heat somehow won, it would be inspiring. I’d be so happy for Jimmy Butler, but you got my pick. 

One thing that convinced me this series could 7 is J.J. Reddick's views on the matchup. JJ said "The Lakers have the two best players, but the Heat have the next 5 best players."

Jimmy Butler would have to step up tremendously for the Heat to somehow win this series, especially on the offensive end. If it's not him, it would have to be someone else and what more can these guys on the Heat do. Everyone has already stepped up as high as they can go and just barely skated by the Celtics. No bubble and home court advantage I think the Celtics find a way to win that series. 

3 key pieces of this Heat team are too young and going up against the King of playoff basketball. If Bam was in his prime with a developed 3 point shot, I think everyone's view on this series changes.

I think the Heat will fight their absolute ass off and wont go out in an embarrassing fashion. This ruthless team not having anything to lose will play a huge part in this series. Imagine being on a pro basketball team with nothing to lose in the Finals, shots will be falling for the Heat.

Lastly, Kobe Bryant. I get the chills when I think about that day. I don’t think the fate of the universe, let alone the NBA will allow the Lakers to lose the Finals. They were the best team in basketball before Covid hit and they're the best team now. It's their year and it's being done for Kobe. It'll be one bittersweet moment in the history of sports when Lebron is holding that trophy up and giving a speech. 

Series Pick: Los Angeles Lakers in 6

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