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Heat vs Bucks (PICK & PREVIEW)

The Heat dominated this matchup with the Milwaukee creeps all year. This Heat defense is absolutely no joke and seems to have Giannis Antenifnbfdnfdos number. Just like the Jimmy Butler Sixers last year, the creeps do not want to run into the Jimmy Butler Heat in the playoffs. It’s a bad matchup for them and Giannis would most likely get schemed for again and exposed. His one dimensional self. The clown only hits 3s when his team is up and he has nothing to worry about if he bricks. Try taking a big 3 or jump shot with the game on the line. “Greak Freak”. I actually dare Giannis to mess with Kelly Olynyk this game, Kelly will go running off with his shoulder in his hand. 

That loss to the Nets was horrific. I said it all year. If you see Eric Bledsoe out of the starting lineup and you're betting the Bucks, your bet is looking 10x better. 

Those comeback kids are lethal and my 2nd favorite team this year. 

Tyler Herro is top 5 coolest kids on earth right now.

Duncan Robinson. Duncan. Robinson. Is the best 3 point shooter in the NBA. Steph Curry can go kick rocks.

Sadly without Jimmy Butler, I see the Bucks winning by 10+. This spread is accurate in my opinion. The try hard Bucks will be back at it doing everything they possibly can for a pointless win. The Heat fought harder and had people step up on Tuesday, without Jimmy Butler it won't happen again. They count on him to lead, provide phenomenal defense and instant offense. If Jimmy Butler's shot is off he will be charging at the rim and getting to the free throw line whenever his team needs it. 

Kendrick Nunn is the reason the Heat aren't a legit contender. I understand he's in a slump, but you cannot be the point guard of Pat Riley's Miami Heat playing inconsistent and bad looking basketball. If you insert a point guard such as Chris Paul, the Heat would be the truth and a half and I'd bet them to come out of the East.

To top it off, if Goran Dragic doesn't play (doubt he will). The Heat will have no one initiating the offense for all 4 quarters. Absolute disaster on the way for the Heat.

There is nothing I want more than the Bucks to lose this game and get their spirits hurt a little, but I don't see it happening. Like I said all year, this Bucks team creeps me out and I dislike them very much.