• Koolaid

Heat @ Celtics PREVIEW (MAX BET)

You heard it here first, I have Kelly Olynak ripping Daniel Theis’s arm directly off his body at some point in game 1. 

This series to me is a coin flip just like the Game 1 spread pretty much is. The Miami Heat have Kelly Olynak and are deeper, while the Boston Celtics have star power (Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker, & Grant Williams).

I'm going with the Heat in 7. If Kemba Walker finds himself then the Celtics can easily win, but i'm going with the consistent Miami Heat. I also would rather see the Heat lose to the Lakers in 6 then watch the Celtics get swept in 4. Either way neither East team is doing anything past this series.

I'm putting my life on this game 1.