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Miami Heat +2.5 (MAX BET) (5U)

Miami Heat ML +130 (MAX BET) (5U)

The Miami Heat culture is taking them to the finals. Pat Riley, Mr Miami, put together the most fearless/ruthless/dedicated team in the NBA. 

Jimmy Butler: Ruthless/Lunatic/Fearless

Tyler Herro: Fearless

Bam Adebayo: Fearless

Duncan Robinson: Fearless

Goran Dragic: Fearless/Best PG in the NBA 

Jae Crowder: Lunatic/Fearless

Andre Iguodola: Old/Fearless 

Kendrick Nunn: Lost

Kelly Olynak: The Second Baddest motherfucker I’ve ever seen behind The Joker/will rip someones arm off/Fearless.

Derrick Jones Jr: I'd prefer him to stay on the bench with Solomon Hill.

Solomon Hill: The most shocking player in the NBA, if he walked up to me and offered a signed jersey, pair of shoes, and free court side tickets I’d start speed walking in the opposite direction and arrange to have myself kidnapped after.

The Heat are a perfectly built team to cruise through the bubble where teams are getting anxiety and just about losing it being stuck in it for 3 months. Look what happened to the Clown Clippers. The Heat's discipline, heart, and effort is too much for the Celtics. 

Jimmy Butler is a sick individual. The guy didn't invite any family to the bubble, he is there strictly on business with only two things on his mind. Winning and slinging coffee. 

Jayson Tatum doesn't have the assassin mentality that Jimmy Butler has right now. All talent aside, all skill levels aside, Jimmy Butler is just in a different type of zone. No one wants it more than Jimmy G Buckets and the Miami Heat.

Kemba Walker where are you my guy. It’s almost time to start feeling bad he’s in such a bad shooting slump. 

As far as Game 2 goes anything could happen, another coin flip. Do I got my car on this coin flip game? Yeah I do. Max Bets all around coming soon.